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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcanos and meetings at work.

Saturday all being well and volcanos in Iceland allowing, I will be travelling to Florida. The volcanic eruption spewed vast quantities of ash over European airspace, and since last Thursday many flight have been cancelled and thousands of Britains have been stranded abroad. As of tonight according to a news story on BBC online this may now be over and it is up to the airlines to get things back on track again. I'm looking forward to getting to Florida and enjoying Disneyworld and all the other attractions.

Today at work we had a great meeting with Linda from The Best of Exeter, we found the meeting informative and useful and look forward to working with her soon. There were some cool ideas for marketing our dental practice at Spicer Road.

Finally I think a picture of somewhere I've been on my travels, sandstone rock formations near Moab in Utah.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Some blogs that I read, maybe you'll enjoy them too.

I just thought I would put up a list of some blogs that I read, find interesting and enjoy. You may not of seen them but I hope you will take a look and read them.

Firstly, some dental blogs, in no particular order.

The Azimuth Dental Blog
Chris Barrow's Blog 
Mark Oborn's Blog 
The Inci Dental Blog
Oliver's Dental Studio Blog
Laura Horton Consulting Blog

As a newsworthy blog, I follow the Helmand Blog written by Major Paul Smyth, he is also on Twitter at @mediaops.

Helmand Blog

Finally if you are into TV and maybe following some TV reviews, fashion and style comments I would recommend New TV critics blog, written by my lovely wife, Rebecca. She is also on twitter and you can follow her at @newtvcritic.

New TV Critics Blog 

Hope these are interesting to you.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

This is a must see film!

Went to the cinema yesterday, and saw Kick-ass, it is a brilliant film.

This is a superb film, great and amazing action and one of the best "super-hero" films I've seen. It has brilliant action and fight scenes, cool characters, snappy dialogue and laugh out loud moments. A few ideas were borrowed from Leon, but a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

This is the trailer on you tube, warning it is occasionally a bit sweary and violent!