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Friday, 13 June 2014

Exploring Devon (and other places too)

This week I have been fortunate to have a week away from work. I've taken the opportunity  to do some maintenance on the house and have done a little exploring with a couple of day trips.

Monday I visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton, I last visited here in 1976, when I was much younger. It was an interesting day and it was amazing how much had changed here over the years, the highlight was seeing the Concorde again, last time I visited it had been just delivered to the museum, now it is a custom built hanger. Amazing how space aged she still looks.

Later in the week I took the chance to visit a part of Dartmoor I had never seem. I visited the Meldon Reservoir, just West of Okehampton. The dog and I had a hot and sunny walk but it was well worth it the views were stunning,I think it would be worth another visit. On one side of the valley the dam and reservoir, on the other the unique and stunning Meldon Viaduct (a piece of Victorian Architecture I didn't know existed).