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Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Week off in May

This week I have taken a week off and taken some time away from work to recharge my batteries. I have been blessed with great weather and have managed a couple of long walks with the dog, played some golf (unfortunately I didn't play well) and took in two films.

On May Day I took the dog for a hike on Dartmoor, we explored Haytor and  walked around a nearby quarry. Found a new coffee stand at the Haytor car park, I'd recommend them for coffee, it was very good. 

Yesterday, we took a walk around the woods near Killerton House, the bluebells were just starting to bloom making a classic British Spring scene.

I've also taken in two films this week, Captain America:Civil War and Eye in the Sky. Two contrasting movies in both their scope and style but definitely worth watch.