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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A new day and new crowns for a patient.

I had seen this patient for several years, he recently told me that he was unhappy with the appearance of his smile. He was concerned that his existing crowns were not in an ideal position, the crowns showed black lines adjacent to his gums and that the colour wasn't ideal.

After much discussion we decided to replace the patient's existing crowns with two new all ceramic (porcelain) crowns. We would also alter the position of one of his incisor teeth and alter the teeth so that the black lines would no longer be seen adjacent to the gums.

Here is a picture of the patient before his treatment.

We decided to fabricate this patients crowns from Emax, a ceramic made by Ivoclar Vivadent. Emax is a great material that combines amazing aethetics with great strength, and is ideal for use in situations where a great aesthetic result is needed for example when replacing incisor teeth.

Here is my patient after treatment. 

The patient and I were really happy with the appearance of his new crowns and his new smile.

Does this sort of dentistry interest you? If it does visit our website or contact our reception team to make an appointment for a dental health check and a chat on how we can help you gain the amazing smile you have always wanted.

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