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Monday, 23 January 2012

Some Apps for iPad that are cool!

Here are a few apps for iPad that I'd like to recommend.

First up there is Flipboard, this works on iPad and iPhone. Imagine looking at your social media feed from Twitter and Facebook and getting them displayed to you as a magazine. You can also get clips of articles from your favourite magazines such as Wired or Golf Digest to name but two, there are many more to subscribe to but these are a couple I'd choose.

Next up I would recommend a couple of eReader apps, iBooks and Kindle. I have both on my iPad. Personally I think that I prefer Kindle but both are good. I don't mind reading on an iPad ( I know some prefer to read a real book) but its great for holidays, you can take loads of books without exceeding your baggage allowance. By the way these aren't mine :-)

The Kindle APP

iBook APP

Finally, I love Evernote, this allows me to clip and store content and sharing it across all my devices. My mac, iPad and iPhone. This maybe photographs, emails web clips, even voice clips. There are free and paid versions of Evernote. There is a monthly allowance for data you can share and you organise the uploaded files via your Mac or PC.

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