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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snow arrives in the UK again

So I suppose it should be expected, in the middle of winter we can expect some snow. During the second week of January the Met Office gave warnings of snow coming to the UK. Plenty of advice was given and on the Friday, snow arrived overnight and during daytime. Exeter sat right on the cusp of the snow zone, wet snow fell in the city but didn't stick, about 10 miles from the city, fairly significant amounts of snow were seen. Over the next few days, snow fell across the country and once again travel disruption occurred, many flights were cancelled at London Heathrow and the road networks were disrupted. Just a little moan why is it in the UK with plenty of advance warning, snowfall causes chaos? Surely we can cope with a few inches of snow without our transport infrastructure falling apart! The rest of Northern Europe manages it, why can't we. These countries must be laughing at us.

One other thing, as the skies cleared on 22nd January, you may have been able to see this, a rare conjuction between Jupiter and the Moon. I got a very rough picture on my phone but I managed to find some better photographs on the web.

Here's a better view.

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