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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summers here!!!!

After what could be described as one of the coldest springs in years , a fact confirmed by the Met Office, over the last two weeks summer has finally arrived. Temperatures especially over the last two weeks have peaked in the mid 20's and the days have been long and sunny if somewhat warm! Here a screen grab of the BBC weather website showing predicted temperatures due for the coming weekend.

I feel loath to moan about the heat, so i think I will comment about the British psyche instead. As far as the weather goes there must be a window of about 3 Celsius where a British person feels comfortable, I think this lies between about 18-21 C, any cooler and its freezing, any warming and I think your average Brit feels like they are melting.

But enough of moaning lets enjoy the amazing weather and enjoy the summer and local beautiful scenery whilst the good weather lasts. And maybe enjoy a cold drink before the sun goes down!

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