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Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Obituary to the iPod Classic

It was with great sadness that I learnt about the passing of the iPod Classic. This amazing product was quietly removed from sale at Apple and other retailers last month, shortly after the Apple October Event.

They have now become collectors items and are retailing on Ebay and Amazon from private sellers for £300-£400.

I for one will mourn its passing. The iPod classic has had good life, its been with us for about thirteen years, and it has revolutionised the way we listen to and even purchase music. Over this time the design has stayed much the same, the circular clicker being an iconic feature. Over the last couple of years, nothing much has changed with this iconic device, maybe the amount of memory has increased  and a colour screen has been added, but not much else. I wonder why bluetooth connectivity wasn't added, many sound docks allow connection in this way. To me it seems Apple have treated this device as a forgotten and embarrassing relative, and have now retired it.

Now for my little rant, I have  rather large music collection, and I've collected music since my early teens. I'm forty five now, so that's a lot of albums. The new generation devices produced by Apple don't really have enough storage for me, take my iPhone 8 GB storage, my music collection is 40GB, not really enough is it! Apparently there is an iPod touch with 64GB storage that may keep me going for a while but where then?

Personally I prefer a dedicated music player, I don't need the other features of an iPod touch, my iPad and phone cover those requirements, but thats me. Hopefully one day the ipod classic or stand alone music player will return.

So hopefully my current classic will keep going for a while and I won't have to ponder this scenario!

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