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Friday, 6 November 2009

So after a bit of a break, I am going to start blogging again.

So what have I been doing recently.

Well this week I have been off ill from work and today is the first day I have really surfaced and sought company again. I think a severe head cold totally wiped me out.

So I've been busy, I've started this blog and I've finally published our dental practice website onto the world wide web. The website address for the dental practice is take a look, you never know when you may need a dentist.

Anyway, being poorly has meant I have probably watched a bit more TV than usual. Last night I watched the Restaurant. Interesting programme last night because it showed the importance of brand standards to a business. I was amazed by the degree of control the "high street" chain restaurants impose on their staff. Mind you this will mean the customer will have the same experience if they walk into a Pizza Express in Exeter or any where else in the country. I guess this means that the customers expectations will be met where ever they go to eat within the particular chain. What was amazing was how badly some of the contestants stuffed things up when all they had to do was follow the manual, one was so bad even the customers noticed the food was wrong!

Its interesting how close the big business used the E myth concept, it proves it is not just for small businesses.

Just a final thing, thought I would post a picture, this is a view of the beach at Bigbury on Sea in Devon.

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