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Monday, 4 January 2010

Maybe I should write about some dentistry, work done by me at Spicer Road Dental Practice

Today marked my return to work. I've only worked a day and a half since the 17th December. I have had this short break because I was due to have an operation but unfortunately this was cancelled at short notice. My nurse had booked leave so I was only able to work when other dentists were away from the practice freeing up members of support staff.

2009 was a year of big change for the Spicer Road Dental Practice, a long time member of the team left, and a new dentist started in August. As a business owner 2009 was hard, but things have begun to settle down. The management team have been working with a management coach and now have a clear idea of our future vision, purpose and goals. 2010 is the beginning of a new decade and a new beginning for the Spicer Road Dental Practice.

I am looking forward to another year in dentistry, working with my great team, restoring and
rebuilding smiles, giving our patients the confidence to dazzle their families with their new smiles.

If you are interested in seeing us for a dental health and smile check, please take a look at our website at , and contact our brilliant reception team for an appointment. Your new smile awaits.

This is a sample of some of our work.

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