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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The snow arrived in Exeter. A winter wonderland in chaos!

Today, was a strange day. I was awake fairly early to let the dog out, the clock was showing 5:30 am, there was still only a faint dusting of snow on the ground. A few flakes were blowing in the air. Within an hour it was snowing heavily and a good inch of snow was lying on the ground. It continued snowing heavily during the morning. Exeter started to look like a snowy winter wonderland.

I arrived at the practice to find three inches of snow on our entrance path and spent the first 10 minutes after I arrived clearing snow from the path to make things safe for the arrival of our patients.

I went back inside to get a well deserved cup of coffee to find that we were cancelling patients because some of our colleagues were snowed in and couldn't get into Exeter. So, a strange day began. Initially things were busy, my first group of treatments arrived and were all treated satisfactorily, during this time the weather worsened, the snow was falling more heavily and gradually settling. This was probably the heaviest snow I'd seen since living in Exeter. Then the cancellations began, patients probably quite sensibly didn't want to travel in such awful conditions and who can blame them! By lunchtime I had two patients left for the afternoon and by 3pm I was finished and heading home.

I did wander around Exeter and did see some amusing sights, a snowman in the middle of the main roundabout at Paris Street, and a poster of David Cameron urging us to vote Conservative being pelted with snowballs. Our nurses even made two snowmen in the front garden of the practice!

More snow on the way so I expect to see more chaos later in the week!

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