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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rugby and Birthdays

Last weekend I visited my family in Wales. I had an excellent drive to Cardiff, the roads were quiet and traffic reasonably light. It was the first time I'd visited my family back home in about a month.

Saturday afternoon, Dad and I settled down to watch the 6 Nations rugby. Unfortunately Wales lost to Ireland. A foolish sin binning in the first half left Wales without Lee Byrne for 10 minutes gifting Ireland the chance to open up an unassailable lead. Once again I felt the game lacked excitement, with territorial kicking dominating. This is my one great criticism of rugby this season, the amount of kicking bores me, and large passages of play pass with both teams playing aerial tennis. I don't remember rugby being like this in the past, the 6 Nations used to be a big event in my Winter Sport's calendar, it may be dropping down my list of must watch sports.

The main reason though for the trip to Wales was to celebrate my Dad's 75th birthday and my niece Zoe's forth birthday. Our family went out for a meal and they both celebrated with a joint party. We all had a wonderful evening! Many happy returns to both my Dad and Zoe!!

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