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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Another week, another month.

March has arrived already, the year is flying past? I must stop and take chance to catch up on things soon or everything is going to pass me by!

Dentistry at Spicer Road has been busy but rewarding this week. After a busy start on Monday, Tuesday was a bit slack caused by some late cancellations but as the week progressed work got busier. I have some interesting work scheduled for the next few weeks and am looking forward to creating some great smiles for my patients.

I must sing the praises of a couple of products that I use regularly. First up my Carl Zeiss loupes and vorascope lights.  I purchased my loupes about four years ago from Nuview, initially I appreciated the magnification I got using loupes but occasionally my vision was worsened by lack of light. As magnification increases you need to get additional light. Two years ago I bought a voroscope light, this has transformed the experience of using loupes for me. The light is directed along my line of vision and the level of detail I can see using the loupes is amazing. Second, my experience when carrying out endodontics or root canal treatment has been transformed by using the protaper system, this system supplied by Dentsply has transformed the way I carry out endodontic treatment, and is a simple and logical system to use.

Tomorrow I'm away on a course with the Devon Independent Practitioners Group, looking forward to spending the day learning and networking with like minded colleagues.

Final though, just thought I'd post a picture of some beautiful Devon Scenery.

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