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Sunday, 28 February 2010

That was the week that was!

Monday marked my return to work and the start of a busy week. Obviously being away from work for 10 days meant that I was catching up a bit on problems that had occurred while I was away. By Wednesday I felt I was getting on top of things. I managed to fit some lovely crown and bridgework and have to say thanks to my dental laboratory Phoenix Dental Castings  and Kestrel Dental Studios for the great work they have been producing for me and my patients.

On Friday we had a business planning and coaching afternoon with Clare from Move Ahead Coaching. This was the culmination of several afternoon's work with the management team, we presented our vision, values and purpose to our team at the Spicer Road Dental Practice.I think the afternoon went well, we had some interesting conversations but I don't think we presented anything to radical or scary to our team. I'm looking forward to meeting Clare on Wednesday and getting the feedback from the session.

The only minor flaw in the week was Wales losing to France in the Six Nations. Not sure  that the game kicking off at 8pm on a Friday evening was a great idea. The atmosphere was amazing, Wales almost pulled a great comeback but France held on in the end. I think France are the strongest team in the Six Nations and have a good chance of winning the Grand Slam.

This is a link to highlights of the game on BBC online here.

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