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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

News from Spicer Road

Another busy week this week. I am trying to get ahead on some treatments prior to me going into hospital next Wednesday. This is the third time I have been called for admission, I've been cancelled on two previous occasions, maybe this time my third I will actually get in and finally get my septoplasty. After all I am Welsh and as they say third time lucky for a Welshman.

Some sad news at the practice today, one of our hygienists who has been at the practice for 32 years has decided to hang up her scalers and retire. Fiona is a great character and has been a massive asset for our team and she will be greatly missed. We all wish her all the best in her retirement which will begin in three months.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the Six Nations starts and the big match is the first one, Wales vs England, can Wales make it three in a row against England? Looking forward to some great rugby.

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