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Friday, 19 February 2010

Getting ready for my return to work.

Today is the last day of my recovery following my operation. My convalescence hasn't been too bad, some discomfort for a few days but nothing that wasn't controlled using NSAIDs and paracetamol. I had a couple of minor nosebleeds but now I feel as if I have a mild head-cold.

I've used the time away from work to do some dental reading, I have read a third of Dawson's tome on occlusion. Its an interesting, detailed read on a complicated topic. If all goes well I will attend their second lecture course later in the year.

This morning I played golf at Exminster Golf Centre, it was a cold and somewhat frosty morning. I played reasonably well, scored one birdie with a slightly lucky chip in from fifteen yards but a two is a two and it is the score on the card that matters!

This afternoon I have a one to one at the local Apple store, looking forward to getting to grips with aperture 2 and learning about editing my photographs with this fantastic tool.

The week ahead marks Rebecca and My second wedding anniversary, time has flown by. We've had our ups and downs but I feel we are extremely happy together. Looking forward to our anniversary dinner at the Royal Clarence in Exeter tomorrow.

Our wedding pictures were taken by Studio 5 photography in Teignmouth and they did a brilliant job on our photos and are great people.

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  1. Hi John, great blog and congrats on your second anniversary. thanks for the Apex Show follow last night...hope it answered all your questions re TCOs. The full interview will be available on
    thanks! Marita