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Monday, 21 June 2010

A great day, a great course, a stunning venue.

Today was a day away from the practice. I wasn't being lazy, I was away on a course, learning about "Smile design-with a less invasive approach." The course was held at the Watergate Bay Hotel, near Newquay, an absolutely amazing and stunning venue. Our lecture room had huge panoramic windows overlooking Watergate Bay. During our coffee breaks we could admire the stuning scenery, I almost wished that we were doing a surfing course instead.

Here is the view from the hotel.

The Course was great, the speaker was engaging and interesting, we learnt lots of interseting information on restoring smiles. Discussions of the various treatment options was given and the course was presented in an interesting and exciting way. 

Having spent the day at Watergate Bay. I'd love to return and visit for a short holiday, we can even take the dog too!!

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