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Monday, 2 August 2010

Let me show you some of my dental work. Some smiles I have transformed using crowns

Here are some examples of the transformations that I have made to some of my patient's smiles. 

Using crowns, we can improve the appearance of discoloured, mis-shapen or heavily filled teeth.

We work together as a team with our dental technicians who demonstrate great skill and artistry to custom build beautiful crowns for our patients. Using my clinical skills and their artistry we can transform your smile.

This patient wanted to improve the appearance of his discoloured upper front teeth.

We treated this patient with three porcelain crowns which dramatically improved the appearance of his upper front teeth.

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her existing crowns and the black lines you could see next to the gum.

By replacing this patient's existing crowns with new all porcelain crowns we dramatically improved her smile.

If this sort of dental work interests you contact my practice for a dental health check and assessment. Let's see if we can transform your smile too. Our reception team look forward to hearing from you, they can be contacted on 01392 272408.

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