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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fabulous Customer Service at the Apple Store Exeter

Just a quick note to highlight a fab customer service experience I had at the Apple Store in Princesshay last Sunday.

Friday evening, I was trying to use my ipod but for some reason it was not working. On the screen was a red cross in a circle and a website address for Apple Support. I'd seen this before and it indicates a broken hard drive. I was disappointed because this ipod was less than a year old. I managed to make a genius bar appointment and went to the Apple store last Sunday to see what could be done.

The guys at Apple quickly determined that the ipod was not repairable. A few notes were taken and I was given a brand you ipod to replace the broken one.

An hour's work at home uploading my music and podcasts and all systems were go again.

Just wanted to say thanks and the new ipod works perfectly!

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