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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Clocks Go Back, Winter Has Arrived.

Last night marked the end of British Summertime, the clocks went back an hour and we reverted to Greenwich Mean Time. So this means darkness will come early probably at around 5pm next week, and the days will get progressively shorter as we march towards winter.

So after enjoying an extra hour in bed courtesy of the time changes, I woke to see that the day had dawned and the weather looked pretty good. I decide to make the most of the weather and to take the dog to Exmouth for a long walk on the beach. From October to April the beach is open to dog walkers and this would be his first sighting of the sea and the sand. 

We had a decent walk from the Beacon to Exmouth Lifeboat Station and back again. Exmouth was busy with large numbers of people enjoying a fresh but blustery day at the seaside. Many dog walkers were out too, and there was plenty of oppurtunity for Woody to see and socialise with other dogs.

Here are a few photographs that I took today.

So the year and time continues to march onwards, just my thought, make the most of every day because time is precious. As I read somewhere "Life is what you do so you can blog about it!"

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